wavemaster STAX BT – 2.1 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System/Set (46 Watt) for TV, gaming, smartphone, PC, tablet / UK version (66214)

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  1. Andy Szebeni says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great value, suprisingly high build quality, 1 April 2014
    Verified Purchase(https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/community-help/amazon-verified-purchase/251-8811190-6471830', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What is this?)
    The first thing you notice about the Wavemaster Stax is what appears to be a a gimmick – the wired remote volume control. You soon realise it is a genuinely useful ‘extra’. In fact, it also has the line in (so you can connect a smartphone directly, for example) and headphone sockets, which make it extremely useful as a virtual extension cable for each. It avoids the usual hassle of either reaching to the back of the PC or have wires trailing from the front.

    This remote pod feels reassuringly heavy and the rotation is smooth. The volume control is also the on/off, activated when you rotate the knob past the resistance at the bottom end of the volume. A discrete LED on the unit indicates the power. Even the power on/off is damped.

    The two satellite speakers have solid metal bases, again giving that feel of quality. The actual plastic of the speaker housings is a little less high quality. Go to the back of the sub-woofer and mouldings quality drops a little, again. But this is nit-picking for such a reasonably-priced unit. It is worth mentioning that the satellite speakers can be either deskmounted (nice and stable with their solid metal bases) or wall mounted. There is a screw hole in it and the unit tilts through 90 degress in one plane (although it won’t tilt left and right if it is wall mounted).

    The treble is sharp enough and of the quality you would expect at this price point. The bass bin is a pretty hefty unit (the mass reinforces that better-than-you-expect quality) and includes a main speaker as well as the bass. The bass is not going to rattle the tiles off the roof but has enough grunt for pop and classical. You might need something with more testosterone if you are going to be feeding your Wavemaster a diet of drum-and-bass.

    The stuff is even nicely packed and is obvious to set up even without the included manual. I had the Wavemaster with the two satellites either side of the monitor and the bin on the floor and it gave a warm full sound with depth to the stereo and clarity across the range. For the the top 20% of the volume, distortion noticeably crept in for the vocals. Gamers might need something with more poke for a fully immersive experience, especially if they are to be further from the speakers, such as on a sofa. This is definitely no replacement for a full 5.1 home cinema system but it is 2.1 after all.

    The Wavemaster Stax is A well-featured full-time PC speaker system with excellent build quality exceeding its price and some worthwhile design touches.

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  2. L says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Look expensive, sound great, 3 April 2014
    Verified Purchase(https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/community-help/amazon-verified-purchase/251-8811190-6471830', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What is this?)
    First thing I noticed was how nicely everything was packaged, all parts individually wrapped and well protected. The satellites are cool & cute, while having a really good weight to them, and they stand on a round base which can pivot at various angles – really neat.

    The remote sits nicely on my desk and when turning it – the ‘click’ noise gives a positive affirmation that it’s on and it also has a little blue light indicator too.

    You can also plug in your headphones and it has a ‘line in’ – all on the remote – giving easy access, so you don’t have to muck around plugging in headphones in the back of your computer.

    The subwoofer is loud enough to make you consider your neighbours!

    Audio quality is more than good enough for general music listening, and watching Youtube tutorials. The subwoofer is less obtrusive than I thought it would be, and doesn’t take up too much space.

    Mine came with an instruction manual, which was easy to follow for me : )

    Lastly the satin black matt finish on speakers matches the remote and in general this whole set up is impressive; it looks expensive & sounds GREAT for the price!

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  3. nr2 says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Design 2.1 system with strong bass, great cable remote unit and satellites that tend to lack mid frequencies, 27 Mar. 2016
    nr2 (Norddeutschland) –
    This review is from: wavemaster STAX BT – 2.1 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System/Set (46 Watt) for TV, gaming, smartphone, PC, tablet / UK version (66214) (Electronics)
    This review relates to wavemaster STAX BT – which is the Bluetooth enabled version of this product.

    ? Introduction ?

    Wavemaster STAX is a classic 2.1 speaker set that contains 2 satellites, a subwoofer and a convenient cable remote control that integrates the Bluetooth streaming function (STREAMPORT). The speaker set is made for playing back audio from any stereo source and seem especially suitable for PC/Laptops and TV setups.

    ? First impression ?

    The installation of the speaker system is quite easy. The satellites connect to the subwoofer. The cable length of the satellites is 4 meters which is more then enough to arrange the speakers within your environment. Especially the subwoofer position shall be discussed later in this review.
    The satellites are nice and slim and are mounted on a heavy metal foundation that provides a safe stand. Each satellite contains 2 small drivers that are well protected. The satellites are wall mountable as well which makes them especially suitable for TV setups.
    The wooden subwoofer contains a 13 cm side firing bass driver and a solid bass reflex tube at the front. The back panel of the sub contains treble and bass controls.
    The cable control unit can also be positioned wherever you find it convenient. It lets you adjust volume and switch the system to on or standby mode. The slider switch on the control unit activates the Bluetooth streaming function. During my test cycle it worked very reliable and without any problems. The control unit also integrates a separate line-in (dedicated for mobile audio sources) as well as a headphone jack.

    ? Sound ?

    I have tested these speakers for 2 weeks with all different kind of music. My conclusion about the audio quality therefore is differentiated.
    The satellites provide superb clarity in the high tones (vocal etc). There are no distortions whatsoever even at higher volumes and they offer a pleasing sound. But since this is a design speaker system that shall please your eyes as well the satellite cabinets are build in small/slim cabinets. Hence the mid frequencies are being reproduced as nice as the high tones. However this is a known problem for all design speaker sets with small cabinets.
    The subwoofer that truly surprised me in terms of acoustic performance shall compensate this phenomenon. To say it clear: the bass performance of the woofer is simply outstanding. Compared to my other 2.1 system (Corsair SP 2500) that has a significantly bigger bass box the performance of the STAX subwoofer is exceptional. The bass is powerful (…adjustable) and sounds like its being generated by a significantly bigger subwoofer. In my opinion it is good enough to play music even in bigger rooms (30-40 qm).
    The crossover frequency of the amplifier forces the subwoofer to playback a part of the mid frequencies. That’s because the satellites cannot handle them to full extent. Therefore it is preferable to position the subwoofer not too far away from the satellites. If the subwoofer is positioned too far away or hidden under your desk or other object the audio quality will suffer. Normally you could place a subwoofer anyway on the floor or even hide it behind a sofa as it is hardly possible to locate those low frequencies. But in this case I recommend positioning it not to far away to gain maximum acoustic performance.
    My TV setup was the ideal environment to bring up the strengths of the STAX. You have those crisp high frequencies from the slim and elegant satellites and can put the powerful subwoofer just beside. This is really a big enhancement compared to the normal sound that is coming from the TV speakers.

    ? Conclusion ?

    Considering that we are talking about a design speaker system that is also made for your eyes STAX offers a very good sound. Especially the exceptional subwoofer and the functional control unit are very convincing. In my opinion the product fits best to a TV setup because that’s the place where you want to enjoy the design AND the sound – and you can position the subwoofer perfectly.
    Of course you might also use it on a desktop but I personally do not prefer to hide the subwoofer under the table for the reasons I provided above.
    The speakers always worked as expected and without any problems. I like to listen to them and it fulfils all expectations that I have for such a speaker set.

    Taking everything into consideration I have to give 5 stars and a very positive recommendation for this product.

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