Sony Xperia Z3 Compact UK SIM-Free Smartphone – Black Reviews

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  1. Beanie Luck Spud says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Absolutely Fantastic Phone, 1 Oct 2014
    Beanie Luck Spud (Cotswolds) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    I got this on contract with Vodafone as they offered me a deal i really could not turn down.

    i got mine in Orange.

    1stly the unboxing, you get the phone on top in a sealed plastic bag, with unfortunately mottled plastic phone screens on front an back, if they had of been clear i would of kept them on the phone, however i bought these which were cheap as chips 6x Savvies SU75 UltraClear Screen Protector for Sony Xperia Z3 Compact D5803

    Under the top box you get the charger, a micro usb cable and another cable which i wasnt sure of the function of as there is no mention of it in the manual, however on doing a search of the model i found out it was a OTG cable enabling you to plug in a portable hard drive, model EC310..

    You also get headphones, i only got the Sony MH750 and not the noise cancelling ones as i was promised but heyho.

    I turned the phone on briefly and the battery was on 23% so i turned it off and waited until it was fully charged, this turned out to be a wise decision as with all the updates my battery drained in 2 hours and i needed to charge it an additional 2 times in the 1st day.

    This will hog your data in the beginning so i actually did all my updates before i inserted my sim card so it all went over wifi, good job i did as it was almost 3gb of updates, just be warned.

    With regards to the sim card, this only takes nano sims, i was sent a micro sim by Vodaone so i couldnt use the phone for 2 days, another annoyance but anyway.

    The colour – I love it, however its not exactly orange, its more like a tangerine red colour on the back and front bezel, however it is orange around the sides.

    The on/off button is in the middle on the right side along with a dedicated camera button and the volume button.

    On the left side are 2 flaps, one containing space for the sd card and charger and the bottom one for the nano sim. Also in the nano sim flap is a removable slip of plastic containing model information and other bits and pieces. I pulled it out once to see what it was but i wont be pulling it out again.

    Mentioning the sd card briefly you can put up too a 128gb Micro SD card in the phone for storage which is pretty cool.

    Just a word to the wise this phone is super slippy, i can put it on the sofa and it will slide off, on my leg, bye bye, so you will need to be careful or buy a case – i bought this one and it fits my phone perfectly KC-Electronics Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Orange PU Leather Pull Tab Protective Pouch Case.

    Sony have in fact made an official case but it is not released until the end of november and it costs 40 quid. Sorry how much? Sony SCR26 Style Up Cover for Xperia Z3 Compact – Sunset Orange

    Its easy to figure out settings etc so i wont bore you with those details but i am going to tell you something that drove me up the wall.

    The camera, by far the best thing about the phone, it is superb, however you are going to tear your hair out trying to figure out why in manual mode you cannot change the scene to take a picture.

    Cue 50 minutes on a phone with Asaf on the Sony Xperia customer service line who got so annoyed he couldnt find the answer in the manual he went and fetched the phone to find it. AFter 15 minutes of fiddling he figured it out so i will share with you as i was about to smash the phone up the wall and send it back.

    The camera when you open it has superior auto which will choose everything for you, however for ppl who have real cameras we like to do things ourselves so you put it into manual mode, go to select scene nothing, cant press the button and no menu appears. Arghhh, cue smashing phone into wall, however press the 3 square buttons on the top left of the screen and drop the resolution down from 20mp to 8mp and voila the scenes appear in the top right hand side screen to select. Why it only works in 8mp resolution i have no idea.

    Also when you view the pictures you have a little square icon with a pencil going diagonally from the bottom right corner, you click it and the edit screen appears giving you the option to edit it in 2 different types of software, photo editor and photos and then sketch. Another tip, when you select the one you wish to use, always click the just once button else the other 2 you didnt pick will disappear.

    Speaking of disappearing, you also have a brilliant piece of software on the…

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  2. Amazon Customer says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Performance and great battery life in a small package, 29 Sep 2014
    Amazon Customer (Aberdeen, Scotland) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    Note: This phone takes a nano sim, which is even smaller than the micro sim, so make sure to order one from your provider or get an adapter/template cutter if you don’t already have one.

    I’m coming from a Nexus 4, which isn’t cutting edge, but is still a decent phone, so I can’t compare the Z3C to its predecessors or new phones of this size like the Galaxy Alpha.

    First impressions and build quality:
    Firstly, this phone is described as ‘orange’, and I suppose it is, but it’s closer on the spectrum to red than yellow. It could be described as ‘cinnabar’ perhaps. Either way, it’s a striking colour that makes a nice change from the ubiquitous black, silver, and navy.

    The frame of the phone feels great in the hand – a bit hefty due to the glass back. The construction is tight and, well, compact. I actually prefer the look and feel of the plastic sides versus the metal sides of the regular Z3. The waterproofing flaps are fairly easy to open, even for someone like me who typically has very short nails.

    The power and volume buttons are clicky and within easy reach of your right thumb or left index finger. The dedicated shutter button is correctly positioned for landscape photography.

    Not full HD, but I don’t think it needs to be. The DPI is still high enough to look sharp. I’m happy with the colour, contrast, and viewing angles, too. The display gets bright enough to easily read in sunlight.

    Seems lightning fast. It doesn’t have a cut down processor to match its smaller size – it has the same cpu as the larger Z3. It has 2gb instead of 3gb of RAM, but I think any difference in performance would be offset by the smaller resolution of the screen.

    All the apps and games I’ve tried on it have run smoothly.

    Seems fast and detailed. I can’t compare it to other flagship cameras as I haven’t used them. It’s miles ahead of the Nexus 4 camera, though. The dedicated camera button can launch the camera app without having to press the power button first, which is a big bonus.

    I charged it on Friday and it only ran out on Sunday evening. That was with the usual new phone obsessive usage – constantly pawing at the screen, installing apps, updating existing ones. I took about 50 photos, listened to hours of Spotify. The screen-on time was just over 7hrs. Very impressed.

    The Z3C doesn’t run stock android, but the Xperia apps aren’t too intrusive. Compared to Samsung with Touchwiz it’s much lighter in terms of proprietary bloatware. I don’t like the look of the Xperia icons, so I took 5 minutes to download Nova launcher and a regular KitKat icon pack. No problem.

    I’m really happy with the Z3C – I think it’d be tough to find a phone under 5″ with the same combination of performance and battery life wrapped up in an attractive chassis.

    The only cloud is that it won’t immediately get Android L. Sony have a decent track record of updating the Z series (not so much with their other phones), so I’m hopeful I won’t have to wait too long to get the update.


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  3. BDB3003 says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Compact but packs a punch, 6 Oct 2014
    Verified Purchase(', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What is this?)
    This review is from: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact UK SIM-Free Smartphone – Black (Wireless Phone)
    Having had my iPhone 4s for three years, I opted to go with the Sony Xperia Z3 compact. While I was interested in a larger screen, I felt the iPhone 6 had become too large and almost unpocketable (and add to that its bendability). Having recently compared both phones, I personally find the Z3 compact much nicer to hold – the plastic/rubber edge and the fact that it is a little bit thicker means it is much less likely to slip out of your hand if you’re not using a case. The phone is roughly the same size as the iPhone 5/5s, but slightly wider.

    Making the switch from IOS to Android has taken some getting used to, but within a few days I have managed to set up the phone to my liking. What I dislike is the bloatware installed by Sony, but fortunately you are able to hide away most of this software – the majority of which I won’t use. The camera and Walkman apps are good though and I appreciate the ability to shoot in manual mode and change settings. Other review sites have said that the iPhone 6 camera is considerably better than the Sony Z3, but as I have a proper camera I only sporadically use a phone camera and I feel it would be up to the task if I did happen to come across a must-shoot opportunity. The wide angle of the lens is definitely appreciated.

    Another big attraction of the phone is its battery life. This had been particularly poor for me on the iPhone 4s and I believe it remains the case with the iPhone 6 (with Apple favouring the thinness of the device over better battery life). As a light/medium user I can easily make the Z3 compact last for two days with still 25% to spare.

    I am very satisfied with the screen and given that it is a 4.6″ screen I am glad that they have gone for 720p rather than full HD (this likely to have a negative impact on the battery). It is a very fast phone and you do not notice any lag at all. Definitely a step up from the 4S, which has become quite laggy for me.

    Taking into account its specs – which are on a par or in fact slightly better than the iPhone 6 – and its price point, I think the Z3 compact is a no brainer.


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