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Check out these samsung images:

Samsung NC10

Image by churl
So, I got tired of lugging around my 7 lbs laptop around for work, so I decided that it would be nice to invest in something a little more portable that does some basic things. I decided on the 10 inch Samsung because its keyboard is pretty big, and it is a strong competitior for most features, as well has having a reputed 6+ hour battery life.

It’s a really nice little computer, and it stays in my bag on a nearly daily basis, at a measly 2.5 lbs.

Samsung Memory


Image by Lesage Stefaan
Samsung Memory, Shock Proof, Waterproof, …

Samsung A887 Solstice

Image by louisvolant
Plus d’infos =>…

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  1. bettybl says:

    new white computer! I like =)

  2. churl says:

    Peopel think it’s a mac…

  3. ifmuth says:

    That’s really clever and convenient how the put the power button near the hinge. Laptop designs have continued to improve so much, I can only imagine what we’ll see in 5 years.

  4. xXxXxAuDiExXxXx says:

    i am gettin it for christmas

  5. nayee says:

    im gettin it 4 christmas 2ew..cant wait

  6. nayee says:

    im gettin it 4 christmas 2eww

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