GMYLE® 8.5″ Ultra-Slim Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Aluminum Keyboard Black for iOS / Mac OS, Android & Windows

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  1. John Ryan "One man and his Kat" says:
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    Incredibly light, thin and beautifully designed. These are terrific!, 2 Aug 2014
    John Ryan “One man and his Kat” (London, UK) –

    OK – so firstly I have to admit I absolutely love the iPad, but while I love the touchscreen input, I also value the ability to touch-type at full speed. I took ages looking for a keyboard, and previously bought the Logitec Ultra Thin, then the Zagg Folio, a Zagg Cover, and finally this keyboard. Of course, I now also have an Android device, and would like a keyboard which will run all my devices.

    Read on for a comparative review.

    Basically there are three types of keyboard.

    1. The “Folio” which are attached to your device and (when closed) cover the back and screen
    2. The “Cover” which (ironically) only cover the screen when closed
    3. The “Free Standing” keyboard – which aren’t connected at all, but can also be used for other devices, (for example a PC, Mac, Android tablet or iPad).

    This keyboard is the “Free Standing” variety. It’s worth noting, it’s not just for iPads. It can be used on almost any device including an iPad, Android tablet or even a PC or Mac.

    This THREE reviews on a single page. In summary:-

    1. The 11″ with stand. Fantastic. I love it
    2. The 10″ without stand. It’s absolutely tiny, but keys are a bit too close for comfort
    3. The 8.5″ which is even smaller. Terrific for the iPad mini or 7″ tablet.

    Just skip down to the review you’re interested in depending upon size.


    What’s it like?
    It comes in at 10 inches long by just over 5 inches wide, and so thin I couldn’t even measure it. To put the size in context, compared to my iPad Air, it’s about a inch longer and about 2 inches wider, but half the thickness. The keyboard itself appears to be black hardened plastic with a piano black shiny top edge, and a cool aluminium back. The back edge is ever so slightly raised off a desk by the battery compartment which gives a great, slightly raised angle for typing, and it weights almost nothing at all.

    Overall the look and feel is of a top quality keyboard with full size “Apple Mac” style black “island keys”, and is fairly indistinguishable next to an Apple Macbook Pro keyboard in terms of looks. In terms of typing, it works really well. Just like the (eye wateringly expensive) Apple keyboard, it has a very positive feel. As you press down on each key, it there’s a very slight touch of resistance which provides excellent feedback. Clearly the manufacturer has studied the Apple keyboards, because the “typing feel” is almost exactly the same – a nice touch.

    On the underside it has a number of buttons and lights:-

    * A status light which glows blue when switched on, and ready to pair
    * A power light to indicate it’s being charged
    * An on/off switch (so you can prevent it accidentally typing when it’s stored away in a bag
    * A dedicated “connect” button – a nice touch, which mean you can “pair” it with your device.
    * A single button marked “Switch” – details below.

    Press on the oddly named “Switch” button, and a couple of small metal and plastic feet pop out. Very James Bond style. This is a absolutely killer feature, as it means you can now stand your iPad, iPad Air or even 5″ smartphone in front of the keyboard at a nice angle to type in either portrait or landscape mode. This is a great bonus over, and above “Folio” or “Cover” keyboards which tend to enclose your iPad and lock it in landscape mode.

    It has an incredibly useful set of dedicated function keys, many of which work on both Apple and Android. This includes buttons to play, pause or skip music or copy, cut and paste. There’s also dedicated buttons to adjust volume up/down, and these worked well on both an iPad Air and 3rd Generation iPad plus my Google Nexus 5.

    I also did the “bloke test”. This means I took it out of the packaging, switched it on and just started pressing buttons to see if I could get it to work. I’m please to say it passed with flying colours, although there is a small paper user guide (in tiny writing) with additional instructions for working iOS, Android and Windows devices.

    Does it work?
    Short answer is yes, very well.

    You “pair” the keyboard with the iPad by pressing a dedicated “Connect” button on they keyboard, and it starts to search for your device. Select the keyboard when detected on your iPad, and type in a security code, and your done. This is a bonus feature, as it means nobody else can “hack” into your device without you confirming it with the code.

    I paired my keyboard with both an Apple iPad 3rd Generation, an iPad Air and a Google Nexus 5 (Android) device, and all three worked beautifully well.

    In terms of typing speed, it’s a full size “proper” keyboard, and I was able to touch type at full speed. No…

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  2. Gadget Girls Reviews says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The best Bluetooth portable keyboard available, slim, light and affordable., 15 April 2014
    Gadget Girls Reviews (Uk Suffolk) –
    What can I say I absolutely love this dinky keyboard; its slim, super light and feels excellent quality. Its modern sleek design means it looks good with any of your devices and you wont be ashamed to get this out in front of your friends.
    I never thought Id be carrying a keyboard around as Im a girl who hates heavy handbags full of stuff….no…really…honest!

    It fitted easily into my hand bag and also easily into the pocket of my combat jeans and you hardly know your carrying it; although I did feel the aluminum corners felt a little sharp. Its 10 inch size makes it a smooth transition from using your standard PC keyboard to this portable version. The larger plastic strip underneath at the top gives it a nice ergonomic angle while typing and 2 square rubber feet to prevent any slippage; its not going anywhere no matter how fast you type.

    This keyboard charged quickly via USB where a red LED comes on to show its charging and simply turns off when its charged. The charge lasts ages and Ive typed for over 2 hours without losing any connection, its yet to die on me as each time Ive used the keyboard I have charged it to keep it topped up as I never know when I’m going to want it. Its barely need longer than a 15 minute charge before the red light has gone out.
    Pairing your devices is quick and easy; simply turn on the bluetooth on your chosen device, press the connect button on the keyboard and they have found each other in seconds. It then gives you a 6 figure number to input onto the keyboard and your paired…easy!

    I was hooked after using the keyboard only once; I find as a writer you never know when you just want to get those thoughts and ideas down fast and those of you doing essays, articles, college work and studying need to be able to work quickly, effortlessly and comfortably.
    Trying to type on a phone or tablet with 1 finger its easy to get distracted when you’ve clicked the wrong letter on such a small screen or accidentally touched the home button and lost your whole page…and all the writing…eeep disaster. Then your train of thought is gone along with your writing!

    You’ve been there…haven’t…you?

    I was completely comfortable typing from my main PC and then going straight to my dinky portable 10 inch keyboard outside on a nice day, or I could even go to the beach…heaven eh!!! Its also just nice to have the option to simply go into another room; if you are like me and your main PC and 3 monitors arnt going to move that easily lol.

    The keys are clearly marked and its fast and responsive with absolutely no lag whatsoever. Im a fast typist and just like to touch the keys gently for them to work. Because of its Chiclet keyboard design it is also quieter so your less likely to disturb people around you with your tapping as on a main keyboard.

    I absolutely love this keyboard and the extra Function or multimedia keys are just priceless, a huge bonus for this keyboard. Not only does it work with all 3 operating systems iOS, Android and Windows; but with just 1 button you can start your music, change volume or track, start a film or your internet browser. You can also use them to get directly to your emails or as a search function.

    You are completely portable; take your whole office to another room, outdoors in the garden or countryside; enjoy the Summer don’t be stuck indoors.
    Perfect for traveling to and from college and those commuting to work.The keyboard charge lasts well with little top-up needed.
    This is an extremely reliable, excellent quality, affordable bluetooth keyboard which is easy to pair and will make a fantastic gift for the busy writer on the go, blogger or student.
    They will thank you forever for this pressie.


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  3. Michael McKinlay says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Dinky and Neat., 1 Dec 2013
    Verified Purchase(', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What is this?)
    This review is from: GMYLE® 8.5″ Ultra-Slim Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Aluminum Keyboard Black for iOS / Mac OS, Android & Windows (Personal Computers)
    I got this to be paired with my new Kindle Fire HDX and it does the job perfectly. It’s not the exact same size, but it is fine looking
    and a neat little workhorse. Once paired with the Kindle it operates fine and I give it a thumbs up. It’s a real pity you cannot seem
    to buy a little case to carry it, though I got something that does the job…a little bigger, but the space can be filled with a cable or two.
    It’s a good addition for those who do not like to put finger marks all over the screen….Guess that’s some sort of phobia?


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