FENIFOX Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Whisper-Quiet Typing and Ultra Slim Compact for PC Tablet Windows 7,8,XP,Vista (Black)

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  1. Carlos says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A fantastic quality keyboard, 31 July 2016
    Carlos (Devon, UK) –
    The Fenifox Bluetooth keyboard arrived well package in a plain but good quality box. The contents included the keyboard, USB charging cable and manual. This keyboard is a full size keyboard. I have tried various Bluetooth keyboard all of which have been compact portable designs so this keyboard is a nice change.

    The keyboard looks great and feels nice in the hand. I chose the white version which has a grey insert built in to the stand which adds to the nice modern look. The keyboard is made of matt white hard plastic. The plastics used for the casing and keys are very high quality and adds to the premium feel of the keyboard. The grey insert is made of a hard rubber material which will prevent any marks or scratches to your devices. The innovative design and the fact it is full size is what attracted me to the Fenifox keyboard. The built in stand is a great feature and it is big enough to secure your tablet and smartphone at the same time. There are rubber feet underneath the keyboard to prevent it from moving on slippery surfaces.

    The functionality of this keyboard is as good as the initial impressions. The power button is located in the top right and you will need to press and hold to switch it on. They keyboard supports Android, Windows and iOS devices and pairing it takes no more than a few seconds. In order to pair it to your device you will need to use the ‘FN’ and ‘Caps Lock’ key together, the Bluetooth light will begin flashing and the keyboard will appear on your devices Bluetooth list. There are two Bluetooth channels which means you can pair two devices at the same time. There is a switch at the top next to the power button which will allow you to switch between Channel 1 and 2. I tested this feature with the Nvidia Shield Tablet and Galaxy S5 and it worked flawlessly. There are a lot of function keys to lock, unlock, adjust volume, brightness, change tracks, etc without having to touch your tablet or smartphone. The layout is US so you will not find keys such as the £ sign. However, if you pair it with a tablet or PC with UK settings the dollar sign will act as the £ key instead.

    The track pad is also a great feature. It worked perfectly with the Nvidia Shield Tablet. When you touch the track pad the mouse pointer will appear on your screen. Using the track pad to navigate around Android is a pleasure and provides a laptop like experience. The ‘FN’ and ‘Ctrl’ key functions as the left click on a mouse. The ‘FN’ and the ‘Home’ key acts as the right click on a mouse. I have found myself using this keyboard combined with the Nvidia Shield Tablet regularly and have only switched my laptop on a couple of times throughout the week.

    The typing experience is excellent. The keys feel great and have the perfect amount of travel to allow for fast and comfortable typing. I have written this and many other reviews using this keyboard and thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I have a number of Bluetooth keyboard but this Fenifox Keyboard will certainly be the one I will be using the most.

    It takes approximately 2 hours to charge the 180mAH battery which will last for months before needing a recharge. The USB cable provided is for charging purposes only and will not allow you to use the keyboard connected via USB.

    If you own a tablet, be it an Android or iOS device then this keyboard is a must have. It will also work with your laptop or desktop PC providing an all in one solution for all your devices. This keyboard deserves nothing less than a 5 star review.

    I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. If you have found my review helpful in deciding whether or not to buy this product, I would be very grateful if you could click the ‘helpful’ button below.

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  2. 43emz says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Works perfectly with my Android Tablet, Windows Phone and my Samsung Smart TV, 9 July 2016
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    Really pleased with this wireless keyboard. It takes around 2 hours to charge using the USB cable enclosed. It is a full size keyboard which means it is much easier to type with than those flat keyboards as you can actually press down the keys like on a regular desktop keyboard, I find this a much faster way of typing than using a flat pad. It is lightweight and feels comfortable on my lap, it is fully portable and it holds it’s charge for a fair amount of time (hours).

    I found it easy enough to connect to my Windows Phone, Android Tablet and Samsung Smart TV following the instructions manual, it basically asks you to input a numeric code and then you are paired up, once paired, it automatically recognises your device, it has the ability to switch between 2 devices. The slot at the top of the keyboard is a great feature, so that I can easily see my tablet screen whilst I am typing, it fits perfectly into the slot. The mouse pad is easy to use. The only negative I have is that the @ sign is not in the right place (it is actually on the ” key) and it took me a while to find out that the £ key which is Shift & 3 (# can be found on the backslash key).

    Thanks to this portable keyboard I can now review products from the comfort of my sofa instead of having to go upstairs and use the old desktop. Highly recommended. In the interest of full disclosure I received this item discounted for review however this does not affect my review in anyway. As an online shopper I trust honest reviews and mine are no exception.

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  3. Tech Geek says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    I love the usability of the docking option even though track pad made it down..!, 6 July 2016
    Tech Geek (London) –
    This Bluetooth Keyboard arrived inside a simple but plain slim cardboard box. Inside the box you may find the keyboard itself wrapped around with plastic bag.

    Packaging contents :
    1 X bluetooth keyboard.(White)
    1 X Micro USB cable.
    1 X Instruction Guide.
    1 X Thank you card.

    Design : This is plastic mat finished keyboard which has awesome built quality. Similar size of standard PC keyboard but in addition you may find small touch pad on bottom right corner.6 small Rubber feets are providing good contact between the table top for steady use. On the top there rubber finished dock for hold tablet / phone easily. 2 device can be use with 1 switch option.

    I do recommend to read the instruction 1st place as I was struggling with it indicators and thought it was broken.But after carefully gone through with it I have figure it out how to deal.

    I have tested this bluetooth keyboard with my Apple Mac book air.Connectivity is quick. Accurate response with out lags.But only thing it let me down was the track pad.It is not what I expected to be honest. Kind of slow reaction or have to swipe multiple times to do some mouse point movements.

    Has tested with my Apple iPad pro. Good for internet browsing. But if you are a android user you can get the best out of it as track pad won’t work with IOS devices.I have used my ASUS tab with it and could use the keyboard with it.Awesome experience. Light weight product.

    It securely managed to hold my iPad pro like a tablet dock. (As on the picture)
    This is a full size keyboard though.

    + Points : Portability because of inbuilt battery.
    2 devices can be use.
    Good connectivity.
    Can be use as a tablet dock.
    Good for productivity setup.

    - Points : Touch pad is not that responsive.

    This is awesome product apart from the issue with track pad.

    Disclaimer : I was supplied this item by the seller for review/ test out and provide my own personal thoughts about the product. This is my 100% unbiased review. I believe product reviews are eye opener to buyers as well as sellers.

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