Celicious Vivid Dell Streak 5 Crystal Clear Screen Protector [Pack of 2]

Celicious Vivid Dell Streak 5 Invisible Screen Protector [Pack of 2]

  • Ultra-thin glossy screen protector film designed specifically for the Dell Streak 5
  • Crystal clear optical clarity adheres firmly and with ease to the surface of the screen without any trapped air pockets
  • Protects the Dell Streak 5 screen from scratches , scuffs, dirt and grime
  • Virtually invisible when applied not interfering with the touch sensitivity of the screen nor reducing clarity
  • Pack includes: 2 x screen protectors, application kit and application guides
Screens are the essence of devices yet the most vulnerable element. They are prone to all sorts of scratches and scuffs due to constant usage. It is a fact that scratches weaken a surface and more often than not result in those screens breaking. Celicious Vivid for Dell Streak 5 is a premium film based screen protector designed to resist scratches and scuffs to the screen. With its advanced silicone adhesive backing the transparent protector adheres easily to the surface of the screen without any trapped air pockets. It offers the same glossy surface of your Dell Streak 5 screen yet unnoticeable, maintains touch-sensitivity and above all protects from inevitable scratches. The pack includes 2 screen protectors, an application kit and applic

List Price: £4.95 Price: £4.95

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