7″ Google Android 4.42 Dual SIM Card Tablet PC 3G/Wifi/GPS Quad Core Phablet

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  1. A B. says:
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    Excellent spec but a few firmware issues, 31 Mar. 2015
    A B.
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    This review is from: 7″ Google Android 4.42 Dual SIM Card Tablet PC 3G/Wifi/GPS Quad Core Phablet (Personal Computers)
    From a spec point of view it is unbelievable for the price.

    When I first started using the phone I did wonder whether the size was going to be a problem but after a few days you forget about the size. Although, you can get arm-ache when speaking to someone on it, holding it up to your ear, so you find yourself having to switch arms.

    As this telephone is custom Chinese one it is very difficult to get hold of a case. I had to ask the seller to buy me one from China and ship it over, which they very kindly did.

    The support has been excellent from the buyer. They have answered every question I have put to them, although some comments are hard to understand as English is not their first language, Chinese is.

    I have had a few problems with the phone, one hardware and various from the firmware point-of-view. Sometimes it can take a while to wake-up, some blue and red marks have appeared on the screen but are not a major problem and only visible when viewing black or very dark colours in those areas, firmware can crash (probably once a day) but a reboot “fixes” it, and numerous little software bugs which can be annoying. You also need to disable a lot of pre-installed Chinese software, otherwise you get bombarded by Chinese notifications which do not make any sense. I have also noticed that disabling all of the Chinese software significantly improves the battery life. Before disabling it would probably last half a day. After disabling it would easily last the whole day, although it does depend on how often you use the phone and what for.

    Playing 3D games is great. No lag at all.

    Speed of the phone is fine although there has been occasions where the phone has locked up for a few seconds, so I can only presume it is busy doing something or something has crashed.

    The build quality of the phone is ok. It isn’t great but it isn’t terrible. It has the appearance the edges are metal but they are plastic painted to look like metal. And because of this, if you drop it on to a hard surface it will bring the paint off revealing the plastic.

    If you have the phone in your jeans pocket you will find bending over becomes a major problem as the phone is in the way. From doing so you may also find a very dark circle appears in the centre of the phone. This is because the phone has been bent, but do not worry. From my investigations there is a gap between the touch screen and the LCD screen, so when it is bent the two screen meet and stick to each other producing the dark circle. You can either leave it and the dark circle will slowly disappear by itself or you can rectify it by pressing the screen on either side of the dark circle and letting go. Doing so a few times springs the screen apart. HOWEVER, now that I have a case this problem has not occurred once. So the obvious extra strength the case provides is sufficient to prevent this from occurring.

    I have also had a problem trying to update the phone using the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Firstly, the instructions are all in Chinese, along with the software. But you can translate the instructions and change the language in the software to English. The problem is that the phone disconnects its USB connection from the PC after a few seconds, all on its own, so the software does not have time to update the phone. I need to try a different PC but it seems a lot of other people have experienced this problem with other phones using the same or similar CPU.

    On the whole though, it is an amazing phone. All the (remaining) downsides so far are only minor but any major issues the seller is very happy to resolve.

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